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Project Details

This application was designed out of my interest in Atmospheric Science.  I was able to create a fun application that utilizes JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax to allow users to search for upcoming events at any location, and see what the forecasted weather will be (in addition to custom forecast advice based on the weather conditions).

First, the user is prompted with a search menu where they can input the location, date and category of any event they would like to attend.  Using Ajax, the data is loaded onto the page.  The user is presented with a few pages of the events happening during that day, along with the times.  When the user finds the event that they are interested in, they can either select the title and be redirected to the Eventbrite website for a description of the event, or select the weather button to get the forecast.

When the weather button is clicked, an Ajax call is sent to Open Weather Map’s Weather API and data is loaded right onto the modal window for the select date/time that the event will be happening.

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    Sep . 20 . 2015

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    JavaScript(jQuery, Ajax, JSON), HTML, CSS

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