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Hello World!

Hi all!  This is my first blog post, and I thought I should dedicate this post to introducing myself and what I hope to do here.

My name is Jordan Vartanian and I am a 2013 graduate of Cornell University.  During my Junior/Senior year, I spent much of my free time working at a few internships.  One of these experiences had a lasting impression on me.  Zagster, a Boston-based startup,  introduced me to the start-up world and the role that technology was playing to increase brand awareness and help this small company (at the time) become a well-recognized name.  I became passionate about the startup scene–notably the software-development side.

After I graduated, I thought it would be a opportune time to travel and experience different cultures and customs that I never experienced, having been raised in Vermont.  I spent 1.5 years in Taiwan working as a contracted English Instructor, as well as attending 3hr/day Mandarin Chinese classes.  Living in a tech-centric city like Taipei, Taiwan, I had the opportunity to befriend many foreign-based managers who worked for various tech companies that were also based here (Dell, HP, Asus, Acer).  This made me realize, even more, how technology interconnects the world.

I decided that it was time to be a part of this trend, I returned to America and dedicated myself to taking courses, all with the goal of becoming a web developer. I took a few programming courses at Cornell, as well as CS50 and CS75, offered by Harvard, and supplemented that knowledge with Treehouse courses. I would like to post my experiences and any cool new technologies that I encounter as I work to become a web developer.  Oh, and there may be some fun travel articles as well!


Thank you for reading and welcome!

Jordan Vartanian





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